Submetering Solutions

Thermal submetering

Thermal submetering provides the opportunity for occupants to be responsible for the thermal energy they consume — this user-pay scenario allows for cost reduction, and fair cost allocation (only paying for what is consumed in-suite). Thermal metering allows building owners to reduce operating costs and improve NOI. As one of the largest non-utility submetering provider for multi-residential and commercial buildings, Metergy Solutions is taking the lead on offering thermal metering technology to developers across North America.


With thermal metering, building owners, property managers and occupants are able to control heating and cooling costs — each suite is now responsible for the heating/cooling they use.

How we measure heating and cooling use

Put simply, thermal meters measure the amount of heat added or removed from each suite. The meters measure the temperature difference of the heat exchange liquid on the supply and return pipes, as well as the flow of the heat exchange liquid. 

Where we install our thermal meters

Thermal meters are typically installed inside the fan coil or heat pump unit. Metergy works directly with the fan coil or heat pump manufacturer to coordinate factory installation.

About our thermal metering equipment

Our european-made thermal meters meet some of the highest international standards for accuracy and reliability, including EN 1434.

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