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All submetering providers are not created equal

As one of North America’s most experienced submetering providers, we’ve brought turnkey solutions to our clients for over 20 years. Across all building types, retrofit or new construction, we have the knowledge, equipment and staff to deliver all your submetering needs. Our call centre, sales, engineering, commissioning, and billing are all under one roof – we have you covered from design, to implementation to billing.


Metergy has prepared this report to share our sustainability journey, including a comprehensive overview of our efforts to have a positive environmental impact, promote social responsibility, and demonstrate responsible governance. Our aim is for this process to foster transparency, accountability, and trust among stakeholders while driving continuous improvement in our ESG performance, towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

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Metergy Solutions has acquired QMC's residential submetering business

Metergy Solutions and QMC are pleased to announce that, over the coming months, residents in Alberta and British Columbia currently billed by QMC will be transitioning to Metergy. This move leverages the strength of Metergy's best-in-class billing and service model and allows QMC to focus on its core distribution business. Furthermore, this partnership marks an important milestone for Metergy as they accelerate their expansion to Western Canada.

"On behalf of the Metergy team, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to residents joining us from QMC," commented Craig Thornton, Chief Revenue Officer at Metergy. "We look forward to continuing our strong partnership with QMC and growing our presence in Western Canada."

For residents, moving to Metergy's billing and service model means they will have access to a world-class online portal and a dedicated team of customer care agents ready to answer any of their questions.

"I know our residents are in good hands with Metergy. Their dedicated client managers and in-house customer service team will ensure a smooth transition for property managers and residents," said James Easton, President of QMC. "Our longstanding relationship with Metergy will continue as we laser-focus on growing our meter sales and distribution business across Canada."

Metergy's submetering user-pay model is a proven means to reduce utility consumption and deliver positive sustainability outcomes for residents, building owners and communities.


On July 20th, 2022, Metergy Solutions closed the acquisition of Quadlogic Controls Corporation, the leading electric submetering manufacturer and billing company in New York. This acquisition makes Metergy the number one submetering provider in New York and one of the largest submetering providers in North America.

Together, the complementary electric submeter product lines from both Quadlogic and Triacta (a wholly owned subsidiary of Metergy) give Metergy a scalable platform to drive continued innovation in the services and solutions we offer our clients.

For more information about the transaction, refer to the press release posted below.

Press Release (PDF)

Metergy by the Numbers

OVER 600,000
meters under contract to date
More than 20 years
in the business
Over 2,900,000 utility invoices issued annually
More than 230
team members
40% electricity savings in submetered residential suites*
4.7 out of 5 customer satisfaction rating

A portfolio company of Brookfield Infrastructure

Metergy Solutions Inc. is a portfolio company of Brookfield Infrastructure. Brookfield is one of the world’s largest investors, owners and operators of infrastructure assets across the utilities, transport, energy, data and sustainable resources sectors. This sponsorship provides Metergy with access to large-scale capital, infrastructure investment expertise and global reach.


Through trustworthy expertise in submetering solutions, we empower our clients to make their buildings more marketable and residents to reduce their energy consumption. 

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