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Our Meters

Metergy takes pride in providing the best possible submetering solutions, which is only possible with the best equipment. Meters — whether to measure electricity, water, gas, or thermal energy — all go through a rigorous quality assurance process.


Our meters are revenue grade and tested by some of the most stringent regulators in the world.

Electrical metering equipment

High quality, reliable and long lasting, our electricity meters are in compliance with Federal and State body installation guidelines. Triacta meters are California Title 24 certified, NYPSC listed, Measurement Canada and Maryland PSC approved, and independently verified to ANSI C12.20 Class 0.5.

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Water metering equipment

We deploy the highest quality brass meters to meet and exceed all regulatory standards, including the NSF 61 certification, which regulates the safety of equipment used for transporting and storing potable water. For accuracy and reliability, the M-Bus hardwired solution on our submeters is the European standard in communications. M-Bus networks provide numerous meter configurations through master and slave devices. As well, the modular design is easy to scale, and the power-over-M-Bus saves on meter installation costs.

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Thermal metering equipment

Deployed to measure both heating and cooling in residential, commercial and institutional applications, our thermal meters meet some of the highest international standards for accuracy and reliability, including EN 1434.

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Gas metering equipment

The standard for measuring a variety of hydrocarbon gases at pressures up to 10 PSIG and flow rates up to 250 cubic ft/hour.

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About our Meter Partners

It takes a strong team to deliver exceptional service. Triacta Power Solutions, a subsidiary of Metergy, is our submeter and submetering solutions designer and manufacturer. QMC and GWF are our partners for end-to-end meter management, sub-metering hardware and software.

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