Buildings often only have a central or “bulk” meter. This single meter measures the building’s entire utility consumption, so there is no way of knowing how much each suite is actually using. Why is this a problem? Because submetering individual suites has been shown to drive consumption reductions — up to 40% in multi-unit residential buildings. Occupants want fair cost allocation and lower costs, and property managers are looking to reduce building operating expenses as utility costs continue to rise.

Why submetering?

With only one meter for the whole building, landlords, property managers or condo boards can only divide utility costs for the whole building equally among the residents – based on suite size and not actual usage. This can result in unfair allocation of energy costs.

Submetering helps better manage and maintain your building

Utility costs are one of the highest expenditures for a building. By submetering, building owners and operators are able to better control operational costs.

A fair ‘user-pay’ system

Submetering electricity, water, thermal and gas captures individual suite consumption, so occupants are billed based on what they actually use. ‘User-pay’ systems are proven to drive down energy consumption and costs, by motivating behaviour changes like turning off lights when leaving a room.

Tracks energy, water and other utility consumption

Occupants in a building serviced by Metergy Solutions will:

Get accurate and detailed information to help understand, monitor and conserve.

Pay only for actual usage and see the direct financial benefits of reducing consumption.

Be billed fairly. Each month, residents will receive a bill for their metered services based on the actual consumption in their suite – no longer subsidizing neighbours’ usage.

Make a positive impact on the environment. For example, a Navigant study (PDF) found submetering led to an average of  139 kWh per unit decrease in monthly consumption —representing a 40% reduction.

Interested in submetering your building?