Your First Bill

As a resident in a building serviced by Metergy Solutions submetering, you’re now in charge of your utility consumption, because you only pay for what you consume. You’ll notice the difference right away when you see your first bill — which will help you see how much you used and when. Knowledge is power, and you’ll be empowered to make a positive impact on both your finances and the environment.

What to expect from your first Metergy bill

Metergy bills are issued on a monthly basis and are due 20 days after the date issued.

Your first bill will arrive 6 to 8 weeks after your move-in date and will include:

Consumption charges for your first billing period

A one-time service setup fee

The first of six security deposit installments, unless it is waived (see below for details)

See what a bill actually looks like

Your building may receive metered services for electricity, water, thermal energy and/or gas. The sample bill below outlines what your bill will look like.

About Security Deposits

All new customers are required to provide a security deposit, unless they qualify to have it waived. Here’s how it works:

Your security deposit will be applied to your account over six equal monthly instalments

It will be returned after one year (with good payment history on the account) or when the account is closed

You will earn interest on your security deposit when it is paid back – interest will be accrued monthly at the prime lending rate set by the Bank of Canada less 2%.

In accordance with our Conditions of Service, your security deposit will be waived if you meet one of the following conditions:

Enroll in a Pre-authorized Payment Plan

Provide a letter from a licensed electricity or gas utility, confirming recent good payment history with that utility for a period of one year during the previous 24 months

Have a previous account with Metergy, with good payment history for a period of one year during the previous 24 months

Have a recent credit score of 700 or better from Equifax or TransUnion

Are an eligible low-income consumer in Ontario under the Ontario Unit Sub-metering Code


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