Our Leadership Team

Adrien Deveau
Kevin Neild
Chief Customer Officer & Senior VP, IT
Wilson Chung
Senior Vice President, Field Operations
Craig Thornton
Chief Revenue Officer
James Brooks
Chief Financial Officer
Chelsea Provencher
Chief Legal Officer & Senior VP, HR
Curtis Parks
General Manager for Triacta Power Solutions
& Quadlogic Hardware Divisions
Eric Toback
U.S. General Manager & Senior VP of Sales
Lena Golze Desmond
Senior Regulatory Counsel
Aarushi Puri
Senior Legal Counsel
Erica Myers
Director of Human Resources 
Joe Assenza
Director of Business Technology
Ed Lewis
Director of Technical Solutioning &
New Market Development
Michael Mohamed
Director of Installation Services
Maudrie Smith
Director of Customer Care Operations
Lisa Donahue
Director of Client Management
Daniel Jung
Director of Commercial Services
Michael Isherwood
Director of Transformation and Integration
Darlene Delaney
Director of Ontario Sales
Derrick Newman
Business Development Manager, Western Canada

Jody Winder
Account Executive
Andrew Harrison
Account Executive
Eric Emisch
Account Executive
Jennifer Poole
Account Executive
Luc Perron
Account Executive
Jeff Stefano
Account Executive
Taylor Spetta
Account Executive
Connor Beatson
Account Executive
Brendon Hiscock
Account Executive

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