Submetering Solutions

Electricity submetering

Electricity costs are one of the highest expenses for building owners. Tenant usage can account for up to 70% of a building’s electricity consumption.

Submetering is a smart defense against rising electricity costs

With rising electricity prices, submetering is an effective way to curb unnecessary use, since occupants become responsible for the energy they consume in a fair and transparent manner.

How we measure electricity use

Electricity submetering works by measuring the use of each suite’s consumption. These meters communicate via various networks (phone/internet) that collect and collate this data automatically – producing concise billing for residents and reports for owners.


Metergy submeters continuously measure and record each suite’s consumption, and automatically transmit the data to our servers.

About our electrical metering equipment

We use North American made equipment that are high quality, reliable and long lasting. Our electrical meters are California Title 24 certified, NYPSC listed, Measurement Canada and Maryland PSC approved, and independently verified to ANSI C12.20 Class 0.5.

Interested in submetering your building?